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Team Ascension's Diverse Membership: A Family.

Quite easily, our proudest achievement at the Salvosa Jiu-Jitsu Academy is not the accolades of succesful competitiors and team titles that we nonetheless continue to capture, but the unique and diverse training atmosphere that pervades all of our classes.

Some martial arts clubs are evidently narrow when it comes to their membership picture: only kids, only fighters, only people in chiseled shape, only young men "vying" for the UFC, only cool people (the worst!). We can definitely lay claim to a truly diverse student body at the Salvosa Jiu-Jitsu Academy, aka Team Ascension Headquarters Toronto. Depending on the scheduled class that you visit, you will see the Little Ninjas (ages 4-6), BJJ for Teens and all ages in between. You will see an introductory class for absolute beginners, or an intense training session boasting some of the highest talent in the country. You will see a dedicated class just for women, numerous co-ed classes where men and women train together in genuine camaraderie and equality; classes for beginners, intermediate or competitors. You will see classes focused on self-defense, competition, Wrestling takedowns, pure conditioning and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors preparing for their next fight. You will see mothers encouraging their sons in one class, then you will see the same mothers training a couple hours later. You will see outstanding sets of brothers and sisters getting along in ways you could only dream of at home. At tournaments, you will see fathers and daughters competing at the same event, just a few short hours apart--hugs of joy and encouragement, new bonds that you couldn't imagine possible.

Our teachers are held to a high standard of mentorship and although no one is perfect, we value our daily vibe more than any other pursuit. High level competitors work alongside aspiring beginners all the time and there are no big egos or primadonnas recognized nor encouraged in an atmosphere that emphasizes team first over individuals and clique groups.

Firmly rooted as one of the few, genuine pioneer teams of Jiu-Jitsu in Ontario since its inception in the 1990s with a proven record of success and an authentic lineage with the Carlson Gracie Team, we have a distinct training environment that our competitors will find almost impossible to reproduce. If you value the vibe, perhaps Team Ascension is the family training atmosphere that you have been searching for. Visit us TODAY to FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

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Salvosa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy
  • Address: 31 Progress Avenue, Unit 1,
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  • Tel: (416) 677-2722
Salvosa BJJ Ascension is one of Greater Toronto’s most well-known training academies specializing in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).  Originally founded as Rebellion Jiu-Jitsu by Omar Salvosa in 1998, the school has produced numerous students that have won multiple championships under Professor Salvosa's motivational and highly innovative teaching style.