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BJJ in Toronto, Testimonials at Salvosa BJJ

Having Omar Salvosa as a mentor and personal training partner for many years has helped me tremendously to win my UFC world title.
Thanks for everthing Omar.

Carlos "The Ronin" Newton

What Omar and Beverley have done with their children’s BJJ program is really nothing short of outstanding. I am a trained teacher with the Toronto District School Board as well as being a hapkido instructor with a couple of decades in the art, yet rarely have I seen a program so well put together for teaching skills to children. In the field of martial arts specifically, I have never come across a better one. Although I’ve long been committed to the study of the martial arts myself, when I heard that Omar was considering starting a kids’ BJJ class, I waited for an opportunity to enroll my son in his program. I knew that Omar’s drive and enthusiasm for the art combined with his positive outlook, unfailing kindness, and technical facility would make him the ideal instructor for my child. But I still had no idea how wonderful the program would be. Beverley’s knowledge as a teaching professional when combined with Omar’s vast technical expertise in the art has created a truly impressive and systematic curriculum where children learn authentic jiujitsu skills while having a great time. And it is amazing how fast these kids take to the art when the right kind of mixture of fun and skills are present as they are in the Salvosa BJJ Ascension program! I heartily recommend this program to anyone out there who is looking to enroll their child in a program that will not only teach them martial arts skills but will also present them with excellent lessons in sportsmanship, camaraderie, physical fitness, and teamwork. Omar and Beverley have created a program which will provide lessons in life-skills which our children will take with them wherever their lives lead them.

Matthew Rogers
Adult ESL Instructor for the Toronto District School Board
Senior Instructor under Master Hwang In-Shik at the Eagle Hapkido Academy.

John Whitmore said that "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them." Omar takes a genuine interest in his students and selflessly shares all his knowledge of core concepts in Jiu-Jitsu to develop competence and understanding. This is only reinforced by his enthusiasm and passion for the art and his unique ability to motivate and encourage his students, pushing them to the edge of personal performance. He has been a key player in taking my grappling to new levels. His personal skill is unparalleled and I am proud to call him both a coach and a friend.

Sgt. Jason Chin-Leung
President/Head Coach, Trenton Mixed Martial Arts Centre
Parachute Instructor, Training Company Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre

Omar Salvosa is a truly gifted instructor and martial artist and has proven his excellence in the classroom and by winning in demanding competition. His positive energy and enthusiasm is infectious, creating a warm and friendly environment for maximum growth in his students' physical conditioning and emotional/spiritual strength.Combining top technical proficiency, understanding, and ability to communicate techniques along with practical athleticism, Omar guides you to reaching your fighting potential, whether your goals are personal and/or competitive. If your desire is to exceed the usual in technical and practical training in a warm and friendly space, Omar Salvosa is the instructor for you !

David Goodman
Boxing Instructor and BJJ/MMA Enthusiast

When I was first interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I had the opportunity to go and see the Canadian National Championships in the summer of 1998. I had only seen BJJ in the UFC & didn't have any knowledge of the art. I attended the tournament & was surprised to see this really small guy(Omar) beating much larger guys with submissions & amazing fluidity. I could see the mental determination and competitive drive he exuded even before he stepped in front of his opponents. I was instantly inspired to learn grappling. I've now trained with Omar for 6 years and still have that same inspiration to learn BJJ that he unknowingly gave me when I watched him compete. Omar has grown incredibly over the last few years as an instructor and it really shows in his team. Anyone can walk into his class on any given day and feel like they've entered into something special. As a teacher he leads from example by doing every drill, exercise, and sparring session that he expects his students to do. As a leader, he inspires a family attitude which is felt as soon as you meet his students. I strive as a student of Omar's to reflect his style and vision to the best of my abilities.

David King
Senior Instructor, Team Ascension.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is life for me. For that reason I always want to get the most out of the art. In order to do this, I surround myself with great people that I trust, respect and that can help me evolve the most by bringing out the best in me. In Jiu-Jitsu we have many great fighters, and great teachers, but few fighters who can really deliver that knowledge and develop that fighting skill in their students. Omar is one of those people in a class of their own. He’s a great fighter, a great teacher/motivator, and a great friend. I recommend Omar to anyone who’s looking to get fit, learn self-defense, or really learn to fight and most of all win against bigger opponents (as most of his opponents are). His friendliness is matched only by his skill, which creates an environment unlike any other.

Patrick Michelacci
Export Sales Manager

After taking break from training I decided to get back to lose some weight and get back into shape. I've known Professor Omar since high school and I've heard how intense his classes are. Since joing the club I've lost almost 22lbs and actually got down to my highschool weight. I've done other martial arts in the past and have trained in other gyms but they don't compare to the environment and training you get at Team Ascesnion. Professor Omar is very hands on with all his students to ensure that they all reach their personal goals, whether it's losing weight, winning a gold medal at competition or winning your first MMA fight. Everyone in the gym is so helpful and willing to share their techniques to help you improve or figure out your jiu jitsu game. The atmosphere is very unique at Team Ascension. Being a very competitive gym, we are also one big happy family. My wife and 2 daughters now train with me. pretty much almost everyday. The VIBE at Team Ascension is AWESOME!....One Love:)

Rico Maranan

I began training jujitsu while at university. It was not until i came home and began to train with Professor Salvosa did my journey as a martial artist truly begin. His genuine attitude to the dojo, team, his family and students is something that many men in this world could use. This is not a place you just train. This is a family where you learn to live the lifestyle and share the experiences together. Professor Salvosa's philosophies and dedication to the art have impacted my life drastically and i cannot imagine being a member of any other team. I expect to train with many people and in many places through my martial arts journey but i will always call this academy home.

Ashton Nemdhari

My son joined this academy because he wanted to try Jiu-Jitsu with one of his friends. Three years later, not only is my son still training and competing but I also have joined Team Ascension and love every minute of it! Professor Omar is not only skilled (2nd degree black belt) but also very much involved in the success of each of his students, teaching many classes at all levels. Professor Omar is an incredibly kind, highly motivating instructor with the best positive attitude. My son has learned so much more than Jiu-Jitsu techniques from Professor Omar; discipline, self-confidence, respect, courage and collaboration are just as much part of the curriculum. I am very grateful that my son has such a great role model in Professor Omar! Kids, men and women of all ages and all levels come together as one within Team Ascension. There is no need to feel intimidated or nervous about joining this academy. Professor Omar, his wife Beverley and all the students training here make you feel very welcome! WE LIKE IT WE LOVE IT WE WANT MORE OF IT!

Caroline Bouffard

I used to watch my husband and my daughters training at Team Ascension. I started training 8 months ago when my previous workout program ended. I have to admit I was very intimidated at first when I joined the gym. The people and the atmosphere at Ascension really make you feel welcome. Professor Omar is such a positive influence in the gym and he's really hands on when teach the classes. I love the fact that they also have a women's only class, which is where I started. Now I'm hooked. I have never expected to find so much love training in BJJ. I have to give credit to Professor Omar and his family because they really do enforce a Family environment. So many great training partners and so many higher level belts willing to spend time to help your game. If you're a female and you're looking into starting a martial arts journey, I highly recommend Team Ascension.

Odette Maranan

I came for the Jiu-Jitsu but stayed for the family atmosphere, the down to earth philosophy, the beautiful vibe and one of the most genuine guys I've had the pleasure to meet in resident black belt Omar Salvosa. Training here means getting to be on a highly competitive Jiu-Jitsu team full of crazy talent who are so willing to give give give in terms of what they know and how they play the game. Or, if competition isn't your thing, the learning space created affords plenty of entry points and opportunities to work your own personal, physical, spiritual and mental goals. Every time I walk in the door and I see kids playing in the front, tons of people on the mats, Omar's wife Beverley is in the office working away giving her energy to the space I'm reminded why it's been so easy to put so much time and effort into training--I wouldn't want to be anywhere else to be honest. Here is a place where I've been able to really work that Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle and its impact has carried over into every aspect of my life.

Musa Muhammad (Mychael Hanley)
Salvosa BJJ Academy is the absolute best place to train martial arts for men, women and children in Toronto. I've trained here for over 7 years and couldn't imagine learning martial arts anywhere else. Omar is a fantastic teacher and the atmosphere is fun and inviting. Training here is more than an activity, it's part of a lifestyle.

Justin Soni
Great Friends, Great Instruction, and Great Vibes Omar is a great Instructor who always goes above and beyond to push you to the next level in the most comfortable way possible. This is where the word TEAM really matters.

Mike Bradey
If you're looking for a dedicated instructor who pays attention to each of his students, this dojo is it. There's always a good vibe from Omar and the people here are humble, extremely skilled and dedicated martial artists. It's not only about techniques but also values, respect and class that many other gyms lack. Great kids program too.

Dang Thai
Salvosa BJJ Academy is a great martial arts training school in Toronto. Professor Omar is an exceedingly skilled black belt and dynamic teacher who does not lose sight of his students’ achievements and developments. The people training here are always willing to help out and make up for the great energy and culture. Offering a women's only class simply reaffirms the dedication and encouragement the academy expresses towards the women training here. As a woman who trains here, I can absolutely validate myself in saying Salvosa BJJ is a great place to train for women, kids and men.

Charmaine Alphonso
I've trained in martial arts for many years in different disciplines and under different instructors. There are schools out there that have become mainly a business with less emphasis on the development of the individual student. There are schools that will promote students even though the student has not shown proficiency or has not earned the promotion. Salvosa BJJ is most assuredly not one of them. For those searching for an instructor who genuinely cares about the development and progression of each student and will gladly give individual attention, Professor Salvosa is definitely one such instructor. For those looking for a place to train where emphasis is given to growing as a team and each success is earned, Salvosa BJJ is certainly an academy to consider.

Jeffrey Robles
Great gym! Mats cleaned daily! Incredibly clean washrooms with showers! Great teacher, great classmates! Many many many great training partners but the mats never feel too crowded. Prof. Omar is great. Not only does he teach amazing technique for every level, he also takes a genuine interest in every student’s development as a person. I am sure there is well over 100 members at this gym and he knows everyone by name, even if they have only been to the gym once before!

Michael P
I began Jiu-Jitsu when my English teacher and Sociology teacher started teaching in the weight room and they both were training with Professor Omar Salvosa at the time and then one day Professor came exploding with knowledge and wanting us to go to the club. I followed down the rabbit hole and found a haven where family thrived and confidence grew. Professor teaches every class and answers individual questions at the same time allowing you to pick his brain when possible. The atmosphere is very friendly even though we are learning a martial art. Professor is kind and gentle and willing to go out of his way for you. I reside in St. Catharines 8 months out of the year where there is another branch of our gym just so i can call Omar Salvosa my Professor in Jiu-Jitsu, The experience of coming to Salvosa BJJ is euphoric and something you will never regret.

Amiyo Rahman
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