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Professor Omar Wins Worlds


Student Congratulations

I had the pleasure of witnessing and supporting my professor in Jiu Jitsu today as he captured Gold on the world stage. He's been in my corner since I began this journey and today I got to be in his. Congratulations Omar! So talented and so humble.
~ Justin Soni

After 10 years off competition my coach/professor and mentor on one weeks notice re entered the competition scene and won the no gi worlds. He has inspired me countless times but this time he has outdone himself. Thank you omar salvosa for giving me jujitsu and representing it with integrity honour and respect.
Ashton Nemdhari

Congratulations to a wonderful man and an incredible family, the Salvosas and Professor Omar Salvosa!!! When Chris Bonfoco and I met Omar in 2008 we knew right away that he has a special gift to inspire and connect with everyone he meets. We have since felt blessed and privileged to be part of his team, Team Ascension, and to continue to grow the spirit of his team for Omar, Beverly and all its members. Today after 10 + years off competing he performed at the IBJJF No Gi Worlds, and placed first. Words cannot express how happy I am for him reaching new levels of his training and enjoying the fruits of his labour. Thank you now and forever for your support, guidance, inspiration and dedication. You, your family, and your teams sacrifices truly pave the way for us all to know our deep potential, and we are happy to celebrate with you an excellent effort!
Blayne Bonfoco

Professor Omar Salvosa, Gold in No Gi Worlds which he entered on week's notice after 10 years out of competition. Medal or no medal, I am truly inspired by this man and his passion and love for jiu jitsu and for sharing this every day with his students- it is inspiring to see him take on this challenge, and to see him come out on top of the pack. This is why I train team Ascension and team Carlson Gracie. So proud to be part of this family. Oss.
Lily Lajoie

After 10 years off the competition scene my Professor Omar Salvosa stepped back on the mats at Worlds this weekend and took gold. Not only has he shown his jits is legit but he has also shown what his team already knows...that his spiritual and mental game is world class as well. Congrats. I'm so proud to train w Team Ascension.
~ Musa Muhammad

Congratulations to my Professor, Omar Salvosa for attaining the coveted title of WORLD CHAMPION after a 10 year absence from competition. We all knew he was capable of this and couldn't wait to see him compete. Thank you for continuing to inspire us all and now leading us into the battlefield as our general!
~ Ankush Saini

Congratulations to my Professor Omar Salvosa for winning a No-Gi World Championship today! You represented your art, your spirit, and made all of Salvosa Jiu-Jitsu Academy / Team Ascension so proud.
Justin Kellawan


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