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The Achievement of A New Level


During the month of August 2011, Team Ascension students gathered at the academy to demonstrate the skills they had been honing over the past several months in an official grading ceremony.

Students in the Little Ninjas programme (ages 4-6) demonstrated their ability to grasp basic techniques and exercises, not to mention their outstanding mental training by showing discipline and focus.

On August 13th, students in our BJJ Kids (7-10) and BJJ Teens (11-14) programmes moved up in rank by performing techniques practiced throughout their curriculum.  It is remarkable to see their effectiveness in realistic situations with live resistance and a testament to the strong foundation being built through consistency.  Some of the graduates from our children's programmes have become highly respected (and feared) opponents in the Adult classes; further proof that with each graduation, a new benchmark is demanded--and results are always quick to follow!

We culminated our Summer Grading session on Saturday, August 20th with the testing of students from our Women's Programme, Adults Fundamentals (White Belt) and Adults Intermediate/Advanced (Blue Belt & higher).

As a quick recap, Professor Salvosa promoted 3 new Purple Belts, 10 new Blue Belts, 9 Yellow-Striped Belts in our Little Ninjas programme, and numerous graduates in our Kids and Teen programmes.  Congratulations to everyone on attaining this meaningful achievement!

The grading process is journey and recollection of all the concepts, strategies and minute technical details that students practice diligently through repetitions, drills and classes.  The results are harvested when these techniques are successfully executed during live sparring or winning in competition.  The reward is humbling; students are given a new rank (if earned) and a new journey unfolds with a more complex set of challenges and responsibilities.

Team Ascension is a complete martial arts school.  We have classes for all ages and gender.  During the grading session, teammates pull together to achieve promotions collectively.  Some students are rewarded with a new belt, others are rewarded with stripes--stages within each belt.  Regardless of the promotion, there is huge boost of morale throughout the entire club, a renewed sense of vigour towards each repetition or sparring match and the euphoria that people outside of martial arts might not comprehend.  It is another proud moment for students of Salvosa Jiu-Jitsu and Team Ascension.  Thank you for representing our team with dignity and congratulations on the life lessons that are learned along the road.  We continue onward, ASCEND TO THE NEXT LEVEL, because we are in this forever.... Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts FOR LIFE.  One Love.


Please visit our GALLERY for pictures of each grading group.


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