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Welcome to our new blog!

About Salvosa BJJ in Toronto

Salvosa BJJ Ascension is one of Greater Toronto’s most well-known training academies, servicing the Scarborough, North York, Markham and Pickering areas. Originally founded as Rebellion Jiu Jitsu by Omar Salvosa in 1998, the school has produced numerous students that have won multiple championships under Professor Salvosa's motivational and highly innovative teaching style.

Omar is known as one of Ontario’s pioneer students of BJJ and grappling, alongside standout colleagues Carlos Newton, Jeff Joslin, Mark Bocek and other highly skilled competitors actively practicing today. He is a 5x national champion under the Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association and has represented Canada Internationally in both Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition. He is a 2x Gold Medalist as the Lightweight competitor for Team Canada at the World Kobudo Grappling Championships. He recently won the 2014 IBJJF No-Gi World Title in the Masters Featherweight Division.

Professor Omar Salvosa is one of Canada’s rare authentic Black Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is Ontario’s senior representative of Master Marcus Soares, 8th Degree Black Belt of the Carlson Gracie Team. His students today are actively competing in various grappling, BJJ and MMA competitions throughout Canada and the United States.

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Historically, Karate has been the most popularized martial art in North America through past several decades. In the early 1990s, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) emerged to showcase the best athletes from the complete range of combative martial arts, including Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kung-Fu and other lesser commercialized styles.

Brazilian Royce Gracie, the smallest competitor of the early Mixed Martial Arts / MMA events, shocked audiences with his unparalleled championship run by defeating much larger, stronger opponents using the unique style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to dominate them, not with speed nor strength, but through leverage and positioning, which enabled him to perform dangerous joint locks and chokes. With this strategy, Jiu Jitsu’s undeniable efficiency brought its demand to the forefront of the North American martial arts landscape. Jiu Jitsu classes are in highest demand today, surpassing Karate and other self-defense forms as the preferred methodology for law enforcement, security, people of smaller stature, women and, of course, children. It is truly remarkable how far Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has come in such a short span of less than 20 years!